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billboardnet.com, is a Lifestyle Page for dating, food, diets, wine and other drinks, clothes, perfumes and cosmetics, cosmetic surgery, travel, hotels, with lots of links to content in diverse areas. We show you how you can improve your life by having access to good information and products. Whether it is dating, chat, clothing or accessories, vacation, style or food and drink, we offer a whole array of items. Enjoy what you see and buy it if you want!

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Epicurean Delights:
Diets and Food
Style and the Art of Looking Good
Find a Diet that Works

Dieting is a terrible thing. The mere fact that we have to do it, like having to go to the sports club, to keep healthy, tells us something:

We live in a way that our bodies cannot cope with!

What is worse, when you stop your diet, you gain the weight you just lost, and often some more.

In addition, dieting is boring. Usually the food is boring, bland, unimaginative and, often, outright disgusting. The nutritionists who create many of these diets, have little idea about the finer pleasures of life, like good food and good wine.

Here is a diet that works. It works, because it is a diet you can live with. You can adapt it as part of your every day life, not just during a period, where you want to lose weight!
But, obviously it requires discipline!

Bon Appetite!

Click here to see the diet!
It is Free

And if you do not want to diet, here is some outstanding food and drink!

Creating the "Beautiful You" is all about self image. It is how you walk and how you talk to people. In other words the natural, effortless chic, the style that is you. It is not something you can train for, you either have it or you don't. Because if you train for it, it will neither be effortless nor natural and it will lack the simplicity that chic requires.

Style is neither static nor unique. It is something that changes with the seasons and with the geographical location. Though, the increasing mobility have blended styles somewhat. But the key to style is still to be natural and to work with what one has, not what one would like to have.

Style is not about age, height or even weight. It is about a sense of relaxed dignity and ease with which one "sails through life" and participates in its cultural offers and social interchanges.

This is what Billboardnet is all about. Whether it is style in fashion, food, travel, cosmetics or almost anything else, the site is trying to bring to you a sense of style.

There are links to sites that should be helpful to you in refining and creating a natural style that is unique to yourself.

Go here for Some Books on Style

Dating and Friendship

What would life be without a nice person participating in enjoying it with you! Sadly, there are fewer and fewer places where one meets people, Relationships in the work place can cost you your job or may end up in a sexual harassment lawsuit. If you go to the sports club, the attractive person next to you will have the earphones on or talks on their cellular. It is if they streneously tried to avoid being spoken to out of some fear of socializing! Having to use one of these cardio machines is bad enough. But having to stare at a blank wall, instead of being able to have a friendly non engaging chat with your co-sufferer is even worse! Admittedly, there are some pretty obnoxious people (mainly men, I have to say) with the most awful "pick-up lines"! American mothers simply do not teach their male offsprings how to talk nicely with another female!

But in comes the internet dating service! The "savior of our times", replacing what used to be normal social contact, with clinical analysis of compatible types etc., etc... What will they think of next!

So here they are , some dating services that test your compatibility to the fullest! Have fun and Good luck!

Apparel and Accessories Fragrances, Perfumes and Cosmetics
Have you ever felt that you have nothing in your closet worth wearing? It is a century old problem for men and women!

We have created pages that should help you overcome these problems by linking you to some innovative and ecclectic fashion sites. On purpose, we have linked to sites in the mid price range, so that the person with an average income has a chance to obtain fashionable and stylish clothes and accessories.

We have also put together some ideas for basic wardrobes for each season, so even the undecided can recreate her or himself with a new image! These should provide you with a starting position from which you can build a sensible and stylish wardrobe.

The essential wardrobe is constructed around buiding blocks for each season. These blocks should be the core of every wardrobe. We went for the elegant and stylish, rather then for the "hip and trendy". But you certainly can supplement our suggestions with the hip and trendy, so that you end up with both, a stylish and a hip and trendy wardrobe.

Look here for "The Essential Wardrobe"

Perfumes and Fragrances have been around since ancient time. Though they were not as sophisticated as tyhey are today and they were certainly nor as easy to use. Before the advent of the modern perfumery industry, whihc dates back to around the end of the 18th century, fragrances were basically oil extracts and concentrates from plants and herbs.And even today when you go to Egypt and some other Middle Eastern countries, you can buy essences and oils in this form. At the end of the 18th Century some perfumists in the French Val de Grass, in the area near Nice, started to use alcohol to dilute the fragrances and turn them into stable perfumes that could be used in the way they are used today.

Now it is obviously a multi billion Dollar industry where everyone with a name wants to create, design and especially market their own perfumes.

In our pages you will find a selection of retailers, wholesalers and other internet sites who specialize in marketing perfumes and other fragrances. These pages should give you the opportunity to acquire.

Go here to Perfumes and Fragrances

Travel, Cruises and Hotels Wine and Gourmet Food
Are you stuck in a rut, stressed, feeling "burned out"? Maybe you need a change of scenery! Even if you can't afford to take a weeks vacation, why not try a weekend getaway? It might just be the way to recharge your battered self and your batteries! Some warm weather, a little sunshine and a new environment can do wonders for your body and mind!

Come and have a look at our wonderful travel site with lots of suggestions about where to go and what to do!

We try to entice you to go to places your would not normally go to, so that you see parts of the world that are unique and different, without being difficult and taxing! After all, you want to enjoy yourself!

Look here for Travel!

One of the big cultural differences between the USA and Europe as well as Asia is that people in the USA eat food because they have to, while in other areas of the world, such as Europe and large parts of Asia, people eat food because they enjoy it. To the latter, a meal is a social act, where people enjoy something good together, while exchanging ideas and getting to know people. This has profound implications in many aspects of the social life of a country. We will refer to those in some future pages to be established. At the moment we will mainly deal with good food and wine and tell you where you can get the exceptional for a reasonable budget.

Look here for some good Food and Wine.

The International Press and Radio
The International Press International Radio Stations
The International Press offers a wealth of information on wide ranging issues. The political spectrum covered tends to be far wider than in the USA and it is often interesting and educational to see, what other people think about issues. Le petit Marquis has collected a whole range of links to newspapers in wide and far parts of the world which are availabe on the Internet.

Read some of them, you might have a new view on issues!

The World Press

These days it is easy to listen to foreign radio and TV stations. One no longer has to listen to scratchy short wave broadcasts. Satellite radio and the internet have made it possible to hear foreign stations properly, in stereo with all the "mod-cons". One of the ways to find these stations is obviously real.com, the provider of a free radio listening program. Though it is not that easy to find the stations there. A far better possibility is http://www.comfm.com , a French site that has links to almost every radio and TV station in the world which provides internet streaming. Obviously, there are always broken links, since many stations do not inform the internet site of changes.

Search the personals...

Business or How to make Money

What, you will ask yourself has business got to do with these pages? Well, a lot, because more than half of your life is spent working. So you better make it good!

The business pages here are more a sort of mix between utilities for business or the home computer and help with some business opportunities. There are five pages of useful ideas. We guess, if we help you spend money, we should at least give you the opportunity to make some as well! There are always the possibilities of "quick money"! Go to enummi.com, if you want that! It is a site full of opportunities!

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